CRIMINAL MINDS                                 Co-Star                                      CBS

LATE NIGHT W/JIMMY FALLON           Co-Star                                      NBC

MINUTE MOTIVATIONS                         Host                                          Hooplaha Network

WORST WINGMAN EVER                     Guest Star                                WMM Originals

TWENTY DOLLAR LOS ANGELES        Host                                        Moxie Street Picture Studios

FUZZY LOGIC                                         Anchor                                     WDBJ-7 Roanoke

THE VIEW                                               Performer                                   Sir Richard Eyre, dir.



THE BOUNCE BACK                             Supporting                                 Cima Productions

ACROSS THE UNIVERSE                     Supporting                                 Revolution Studios

BROOME STREET BOYS                      Supporting                                 Make It Happen Films

HEISENBERG                                        Lead                                           Junebug Pictures

KOFFEE                                                 Lead                                           Kochar Films

UNSAID                                                  Lead                                           WMM productions



ANYTHING GOES                                 Hope Harcourt              Kathleen Marshall, dir.

THE LITTLE MERMAID                                Ariel                       Francesca Zambello, dir.

MARY POPPINS                                       Miss Lark                   Richard Eyre, dir.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST                         Babette            Robert Jess Roth, dir.

CHANCE AND CHEMISTRY                  Featured Singer        W/Paul McCartney